Apostle Paul said that the sun has its own glory, and the moon has its own glory: glories are not on the same level. Out of twelve stars, eleven stars bow down for the twelfth star. Joseph is the twelfth star. Joseph’s brethren are the eleven sand-stars; his father and mother are the sun and moon-stars.

In Gen.22:17, the Bible states: “That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the star of the sand which is upon the sea shore . . . .” In this scripture, God mentions two stars – that of sand-star and star-among-stars. Sand-star is an ordinary star that is ordained to give obeisance. The interpretation of the four different stars is this: All people share the four stars according to the dimension of their glory and station in life. The first star (sun-star) is referred to as noon-star. This is carried by individuals who assume presidential or gubernatorial positions in life. If you take a note of the noon-sun, it shines brightly and backs out repeatedly; its brightness is not permanent, and that shows that presidential or gubernatorial position is not permanent. The next, moon-star, is referred to as night-star. The star is allocated to royalty. Remember Mat.2:9-10, when Jesus was born – the King of the Jews – some men saw the moon-star in the sky, forecasting it to be royalty, the star of a king. They sought for him, bowed before him, and offered him precious gifts.

Sometimes ago, a kingmaker consulted me for counseling. He brought three names and enjoined me to pick the prominent contestant. I asked for God’s knowledge, and I saw a moon-star dangling on the head of one of the three candidates, and I told the king-maker my insight. He said, “The star-lodged candidate lives in America, and he didn’t visit his Nigeria home for years.” I said, “All we need is the relevant star; the star-lodged candidate should be sent for and be told that he would be enthroned.” Thereafter, the America-resident arrived in Nigeria with his wife, and the couple was led to our Church. I repeated my declaration to the contestant, but he expressed negative assumption on the basis of his long absence from his Nigeria home, and that he had never established any project in the city. I instructed him to offer prayer on the altar, and return to his home town, with the assurance that he would win the contest; or other wise, annul my ministerial position. There were twenty-one contestants, all of which were dropped, except the America-based, a Doctor, and his counterpart, a Professor. The Doctor was eliminated several times but was recalled for reasons beyond the kingmakers’ control. The Professor was supposed to have had an edge over the Doctor, because he was a longtime resident of the town, and had established a School and a big hospital in the town. That notwithstanding, the Doctor, an America-based won the contest, in line with my declaration! His star spoke for him, and Governor Mimiko of Ondo State gave him the staff of office as a first-class king.

Whenever I had an insight of anyone bestowed with a moon-star, I used to ask: “Are you from a royal family?” If the response was positive, I would wish Fire paves way for him to be enthroned. Kings are known for staying on the throne until death, while political appointee’s tenure is ephemeral.

The star-among-stars is usually called leadership star. She commands a lot of respect from low and high ranking people because she is very powerful. Joseph is bestowed with star-among-stars. Genesis 50:18-20 states that when the star of Joseph came forth, his brethren fell down before his face. They pleaded with Joseph that their father said Joseph should not take revenge. Joseph said, “Fear not, for am I in the place of God? As for you, you thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good to save many people alive.”

As mentioned, the star-among-stars is powerful and demands respect from people of all ranks. Pastor Adeboye carries this star. Everyone, low and highly placed (including the President and high traditional Chiefs) pay obeisance to him.
I pray, and I decree, as a Prophet of God: The star-among-stars, the leadership star, the star that will sky-rocket you, the star that will uplift you to higher level, let her show forth in you right now, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!