The Interpretation of Dreams (Part 1)

Beloved, you need an encounter with the fire of Holy Ghost; you need to sight and experience the fire of the Holy Ghost for your destiny to be fulfilled. When you experience fire of the Holy Ghost, your life will experience total deliverance and transformation. When you are filled with the fire of the Holy Ghost, your eyes will be empowered; you won’t see sinful things again. When you encounter fire, your hand and leg will become powerful, and whatever you lay your hands upon will prosper. When you experience the fire of Holy Ghost, you will decree a thing and it will be established; you will knock on closed doors and it will open for you; you will bind and lose on earth, and heaven will grant you wishes; whatever you ask for will be granted unto you. Brethren when you have this fire I am talking about, your life will be powerful and untouchable for the evil ones; and the power of darkness will flee from you.

The apostles were powerless until they had encounter with the fire. Jesus told Peter in Mathew 26:69-75, that he would deny Him three times. And as predicted, Peter denied Jesus three times, and he went his way. Jesus Christ was crucified but resurrected. Jesus later went looking for Peter in John 21:15-18. When Peter saw Jesus where he was fishing, he was terrified, but Jesus called him and said: “Simeon, son of Judah, do you love me”, Peter said: “Lord, I love you”. Jesus asked him again three times. Peter was sad, and told Jesus: “You know everything”. In John 21:18, Jesus told him: “When you are younger you will gird yourself to wherever you want to, but when you are old you will be girded by someone to where you don’t wish”. Jesus said further to Peter “When you don’t have he Holy Spirit, it is very easy to deny Jesus; but when you are girded by the Holy Spirit, flesh in you will die and you’d begin to do things of the Spirit. This is why Jesus told Peter that they should wait at the upper room (Acts 1:8), until they were empowered after sighting the fire of the Holy Ghost. The absence of the Holy Spirit applies to Christians nowadays. Without Holy Spirit, your life won’t glorify God. Without Holy Spirit, your life will be full of sin; you won’t be able to do the will of God, and you will be embarrassing God.

Beloved, if you don’t have Holy Spirit in you, most of the time you will be having all manner of evil dreams that can stagnate your life. When you are not filled with Holy Spirit you will be experiencing dreams like these ones: You will see yourself resident in your village, even though you are living in the town. Your destiny will be tied down in the village, labouring in the village, thus your life will stagnate in the town. When you dream and see your mom abode in the same room with you, it means…. (To be continued)