The Interpretation of Dreams (Part 2)

When you dream and see your mom abode in the same room with you, it means you will live the same life like your mom had lived. When you see yourself in the dream climbing a tree and struggling to climb high, that means your current endeavor will experience a setback, a real struggle if you will. In your dream, you see yourself in a bush, confused, and trying to find your way out, and you couldn’t until you wake up, it means you are living a life without the right direction. Such life is not going according to God’s will, and breakthrough will be very hard for such life. Sometimes when you see yourself publicly naked in a dream, it means you may fall into or already in penury. If you see yourself in your dream walking bare-footed, this means your help has been taken away, and life will be difficult for you.

Brethren this is where you need the fire of Holy Ghost to deliver you from all evil dreams. You need to sight the fire for your life to be fulfilled and move at speed. Maybe in your dream, you see yourself driving a car, and a police stops your car and seizes your ignition key and the car documents, then you wake up ; it means your life has been stopped. Car symbolizes one’s life. For instance, if your car is at some speed in the dream, it means your life is at speed, and verse versa. Also in your dream, if you have flat tyre, and you remove the punctured tyre to amend it, and by the time you come back, they have stolen the remaining three tyres, it means your life has been stopped by the witches and such life can’t prosper unless the victim encounters the fire of Holy Ghost. Brethren, if in your dream, you see a police chasing you, and arrest you and you are locked up in the cell, this implies that your destiny has been caged, and without fire you won’t be able to use your destiny. Or in your dream, you were surrounded by snakes, it means your life is being surrounded by the wicked ones, and they can harm you anytime. Or you see a big python in your dream chasing you around, it means your life is under the covenant of the witches, and you can be swallowed anytime. Beloved, if in your dream, you see dogs trailing you closely, it means you are being monitored by witches, and any life they monitor can never experience a success.

If you fall under any of those dreams, you need to have an encounter with the fire of Holy Ghost to be free from all oppression of the wicked ones. It’s a must for you to have the Holy Ghost fire if you want to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. If you are “born again” and have Jesus, you only have salvation to eternity; you still need to be filled with the Holy Spirit if you want to succeed in life. This is what Jesus told His disciples, that they won’t be able to do anything, until they encountered fire at the upper room. In Acts 2:1-3, the Bible told us that, on the day of Pentecost, the disciples are in one accord, and suddenly a whirl wind came down from heaven, and a cloven tongue of fire descended, and they were filled with Holy Ghost fire, and immediately their lives were transformed. When they sighted fire, they became powerful, and people began to follow them; impossibility became possible for them. The glory of God became evident in their lives. Their eyes glowed with fire and power. Their body became fire and they wrought wonders. The power of curses, witchcraft, deities, and idol couldn’t terrify them any longer.
Christians, if you want total transformation, if you want your glory to manifest, if you want to live a fulfilled life, you need to have encounter with the fire of Holy Ghost. You need the fire that will uplift you, the fire that will change your destiny for good, the fire that will make your life to be at speed, the fire that will empower your destiny and give you outstanding breakthrough. For you to be the messiah for your generation, you need the fire of Holy Ghost.
I decree in the Name of Jesus, by the authority in the Name of Jesus, the fire that will uplift you, the fire that will deliver you from the power of idol, witchcraft, poverty, delay, and stagnation: Receive it now in Jesus Name!


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