Lord, Rekindle my Fire (Part 2)

If truly you are the messiah for your generation, you need to rekindle your fire. If you are the one to deliver your generation; if you are the one your generation is looking up to for their welfare; if you are the one who possesses the key to give freedom to those in bondage; if you are the pillar that will support your generation; if you are the umbrella for…Keep Reading

Lord, Rekindle my Fire (Part 1)

“For our God is a consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:29). “The LORD God we worship is Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). We cannot see the spirit of God, but we can see fire. Fire is a symbol that represents God. There is no material in the world that is as powerful as fire. Fire creates light, and light is an…Keep Reading

The Interpretation of Dreams (Part 2)

When you dream and see your mom abode in the same room with you, it means you will live the same life like your mom had lived. When you see yourself in the dream climbing a tree and struggling to climb high, that means your current endeavor will experience a setback, a real struggle if you will. In your dream, you see yourself in a bush, confused, and trying to…Keep Reading

The Interpretation of Dreams (Part 1)

Beloved, you need an encounter with the fire of Holy Ghost; you need to sight and experience the fire of the Holy Ghost for your destiny to be fulfilled. When you experience fire of the Holy Ghost, your life will experience total deliverance and transformation. When you are filled with the fire of the Holy Ghost, your eyes will be empowered; you won’t see sinful things again. When you encounter…Keep Reading


Apostle Paul said that the sun has its own glory, and the moon has its own glory: glories are not on the same level. Out of twelve stars, eleven stars bow down for the twelfth star. Joseph is the twelfth star. Joseph’s brethren are the eleven sand-stars; his father and mother are the sun and moon-stars. In Gen.22:17, the Bible states: “That in blessing I will bless thee, and in…Keep Reading


Star is a sign, an emblem or an identification that distinguishes a person. It is star that identified the Lord Jesus Christ. Star is a thing that draws people’s attention unto a person. It is your star that places you on your right hierarchy. Your star will speak for you as she speaks for Jesus. It is star that shows a difference between twins, who come from the same parent;…Keep Reading


In whatever position you are; whoever has nailed you down in suffering of any sort, your confession of Jesus will set you free. Jesus is the only One who can set you free. Philippians 2:9-11 states that: “Wherefore God hath highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow . . . . And that every…Keep Reading


Our Lord Jesus says: “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free” (Jn.8:32). Knowing the Truth shall deliver you from the power of the enemy; it shall deliver you from the power of witches; it shall deliver you from the power of idol; it will set you free from living your ancestor’s bad life, and deliver you from generational curses. Innocent people are sometimes unduly punished….Keep Reading


The LORD God instructed me to talk to you about contending with FIRE, as Amos 7:4 relates: “Then the Sovereign LORD showed me another vision. I saw Him preparing to punish His people with a great FIRE. The fire had burned up the depths of the sea and was devouring the entire land.” In the above scripture, Amos said God fought by FIRE – thus, a call unto us to…Keep Reading